Street entertainment

Town centre street entertainment

It's been a long winter and lockdown has been a tough time for everyone.  With shops opening back up from 12 April we are hoping to bring a little light relief whilst you are strolling through the town centre.​

All of our acts are socially distanced as we do not want to attract large crowds in one area so they will be continually on the move, although we would love to see your photos so keep your eyes peeled between 12 and 4pm on Saturdays in April and May, you never know what you might come across!! 

Bob the Butterfly and Gerry Gerboa.jpg

Saturday 17 April - Bob the Butterfly and Gerry Gerbera

Watch out, Bob the Butterfly and Gerry the Gerbera have escaped the greenhouse and are ready to explore their new surroundings. 

Victorian time travellers.jpg

Saturday 17 April - Victorian Time Travellers

Behold the Time Machine; an incredible piece of eccentric engineering. Let Professor Warp and Miss Weft, our two intrepid Victorian time travellers, show you their box of cosmic secrets.
Originally from 1888 they will be astounded to hear from you what the latest inventions of today are. Hear the sound of the universe, learn how long a piece of cosmic string is and even what the winning lottery numbers are going to be!

puddle ducks.jpg

Saturday 24 April - Puddle Ducks

Attention bird lovers, the Puddle Ducks are here! 

These inquisitive friendly fowl are keen to investigate every situation with their waddling charm. They love parks, ponds and high streets. Adorably child friendly, Mr and Mrs Puddle Duck are positively quackers and cannot wait to meet you!

space cadets.jpg

Saturday 24 April - Space Cadets

Whilst these two can't claim to be the first to land on the moon our Two Space Rangers have been sent by the interplanetary police to hunt down dangerous aliens believed to be on Earth.  Unfortunately, the pair seem to have forgotten their original mission and have become addicted to using their mind probes (fantastic head massaging tools) for the mutual pleasure that comes from reading the human mind. 


Saturday 1 May - Fabulous Contraptions 

Watch out for two intrepid time travellers… from the past. The Captain and The Professor glide effortlessly on their Time Machines but are simply confounded by the incredible technology all around them. They seek answers in the name of science from everyone they encounter along the way.

the DJs.jpg

Saturday 1 May - The DJs

Larger than life roving superstar DJs! Complete with built-in banging Bhangra beats, hip hop - or any tunes of your choice. The DJs are the masters of cool, colouring any environment with their urban class and funky sounds.

The DJs really know how to get a party started and never take themselves too seriously.

the nutkins.jpg

Saturday 15 May - The Nutkins

Hide those nuts The Nutkins are on tour!

Enchantingly squirrel-like and riddled with intrigue, Mr and Mrs Nutkin are set to charm the pants off children and adults alike.
This darling pair of red squirrels might be old but they are ready to take the world (and its nuts) by storm!

Are we Alien.jpg

Saturday 15 May - Are We Alien?

Two alien visitors have come to earth on a research trip. They are fascinated by how humans interact and react to each other.  The aliens mimic and re-invent themselves to try to fit in with their surroundings. Using humour, physical theatre and improvised games they aim to make friends and prompt the question Are We Alien?

hodman dodmonott and sally forth.jpg

Saturday 22 May - Hodman Dodmanott & Sally Forth

Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth are two tiny adventurers from the country of Oblivia, with a lot on their minds and even more on their backs. Join these elderly amblers as they set out to discover the modern world, meet strange and exciting new people, and search for a decent place to camp! 

the pram.jpg

Saturday 22 May - The Pram

Attention! Colourful Edwardian character wheels curious, bubble-blowing, musical cart through town. Jolly street organ tunes accompanied by percussion and taxi horn cause one man bandemonium and streets full of laughter.