Christmas street entertainment


The town centre is looking amazing with it's fabulous Christmas light display.  To make the High Street a little bit more fun in the lead up to Christmas there will be some silly and downright bonkers street entertainment and musicians to put a smile on your face whilst you do your Christmas shopping.

Between 12 noon and 4pm starting on Saturday 5 December and running every weekend until Sunday 20 December keep your eyes peeled, you never know what you might come across!! 

Saturday 5 December - Bad Santas

These breakdancing Santas have done their rapping and it's time to get f-f-festive! These two get down to the hottest Christmas tracks. Do they know it's Christmas? You bet they do!!

Saturday 5 December - Runaway Christmas Presents 

What happened when two naughty Christmas elves sprinkled fairy dust onto the biggest presents they could find? They came to life of course!  This Christmas we invite you to come and meet these cheeky elves and see the fun they have as they ride around on their giant presents.

Sunday 6 December - Sami Sleigh

Inspired by the Arctic Circle story of Babushka The Present Giver, Circo Rum Ba Ba brings Mother Christmas to travel through the High Street looking for the perfect reindeer to lead her sleigh on her annual journey of present giving.

Sunday 6 December - Santa's Air Force

Santa's Airforce is a festive, pedal powered flying machine.  Santa is outsourcing his urgent parcel collection, relocation and next day dispatch service to the Elf pilots to ensure he gets all his goods in the all the right locations. They are a little new to this high-tech flying malarkey and need a little sprinkling of fairy dust and a lot of imagination to keep that old flying machine going!

Saturday 12 December - Bouncing Snowmen

They’re bouncing in the air! After a long year migrating around the world as various water particles, these giant snowmen are very excited to be back for Christmas.  At 8ft tall on bouncy stilts, larger than life, and full of Christmas cheer, they’re physical, fun and always out for an adventure or a nice cold hug.

Saturday 12 December - Snowball Sprites

Two sparkling giant Snowball Sprites on wheels whiz speedily round and round in a flurry of excitement. They are completely rotund, as if wrapped inside a huge glittering snowball, but too impossibly short to be human. They dance mischievously with the audience throwing handfuls of snow as they spin around. The sprites are completely devoted to snow. Will it come soon? Is it here yet? Well, snow or no snow, when the sprites are in town you will know that you have met your first real life animated snowball!

Sunday 13 December - The Glitter Belles

Sculptural creations inspired by 1970's disco combined with avant-garde fashion, designed for impact.  These beauties love to roam, mingle and get everyone in the festive spirit

Sunday 13 December - Carol Singing Christmas Crackers

These colourful and festive characters, with their obligatory dodgy cracker jokes, will entertain the whole family. Children will love the idea of crackers coming to life, men will marvel at their golden bells and women will just want to 'pull' them! Everyone will want to take part in their ‘name that tune and we will sing it’ Christmas special (even requests for Shakin’ Stevens will be considered!).

Saturday 19 December - Bouncing Elves

Sizing up a Christmas crowd is a big job, so Santa has sent out his biggest helpers Horace and Boris to take notes. How do you measure up - Naughty or Nice? They'll be bouncing around deciding who deserves a visit from the boss man.

Saturday 19 December - Lairy Xmas Fairy and Puddings

Granny got more than she bargained for when she made her Christmas puddings this year! They grew larger than life, soaked up a bit too much magic sherry, and are now running amok! These Christmas Puddings love dancing to cheesy Christmas tunes and quietly sneaking up on you for a quick cuddle! If they get into too much trouble, the Lairy Fairy is there to admonish and tranquilise, if necessary.

Sunday 20 December - Valentino's Street Band

The Valentino's Street Band are a group of dynamic musicians that will add a distinctive sparkle to your shopping trip. Playing in a variety of international musical styles with insatiable energy, they have captivated audiences with their powerful horns, sizzling accordions and burning rhythms.

Sunday 20 December - Tap Dancing Turkeys

Bernice and Matthew, unplucked, live and acoustic, tour the land with their feathery combination of tap dance, turkey talk and shopping tips. Wandering entertainment and short static shows from two charismatic birds.

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